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The Story of Roomity


The Story of Roomity is a simple one. It starts out with a busy college senior named Ashley and her equally busy roommate. The two girls were trying to manage all of the responsibilities they had; such as work, school, relationships, and chores. Until one day they realized some of their responsibilities were slipping through the cracks.

In an effort to assist the roommates, Ashley started doing some research in hopes of finding an organizational app for roommates. However, her search was unsuccessful and a little disheartening because no app seemed to exist that filled their exact needs. Most of the organizational apps on the market today are based around families with small children or specific to college students searching for 'new' roommates. Ashley and her roommate qualified for neither of these and she felt sorry for all of the other shared households that were not even considered in these groups.


A household is considered “shared” if the residents are adult children who still live with their parents, married couples who live with a parent, or a set of roommates living together.

After digging deeper, Ashley decided she would take matters into her own hands and create a website and app that featured tools to assist the pair and other roommates who might be having similar issues and struggling to find simple solutions. Thus, Roomity was born! This website and app combination is now an easy resource for roommates of all kinds to create collaborative schedules, make connections with other roommates or find new ones, see listing recommendations, and so much more. Feel free to browse our website and app for helpful roommate advise and general assistance in any area you may need.

Mission Statement

The goal of Roomity is to create an interface that helps roommates better manage their home lives with the tools it provides to users in its website and app.

Roomity Rules


No offensive content


No Trolling


No spreading of any copyrighted material


No spamming 


No advertising


Please be kind

  • How do I talk to other Roomity users?
    Roomity has a wonderful community page that allows it's users to chat, share photos, and interact with each other as a collective!
  • What if I want to find an apartment in my area how can I do that?
    Roomity provides its users with an apartment listings map on its Recommendations page. You can navigate to that page using the menu bar at the top of the website and then browse the different options that pop up on the map.
  • If I want to set up a cleaning schedule with my roommate how can I do that?
    The Calendar page allows users to share an interactive calendar between each other so roommates can include different events and chores for all parties involved to see!
  • I need some advice on how to talk to my roommate about some issues we've had lately, what should I do?"
    You are in luck! Roomity has a wonderful advice page that features a blog about roommate communication tips. Navigate on over to the Advice page and let's see if any of our tips can help you with these issues.
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