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What to Clean and How to Clean it!

5 Quick Tips on how to Clean some of the more questionable areas of the house

Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands! The world has felt like a broken record focused on cleaning and keeping everything sanitized since the news of Covid-19 hit back in March of 2020, and while it is important to clean, what is equally important is knowing how to clean.

So, as a helpful little starter guide, Roomity is happy to provide you with some quick tips and tricks on how to clean some of those peskier areas within the home.

Even though a hot topic of today is cleaning, many people still consider it a hassle to spend time scrubbing and scrubbing pots and pans, appliances, and floors. Well, say goodbye to the scrubbing and say hello to the easy swipe.

Tip # 1

This tip is about the annoying fingerprints and that never-ending dust that seems to get trapped on our computer and TV screens. How can we remove it? A dust rag works well for this task, but there always seems to be some dust left behind when you use it.

So, another option that traps all the dust and does not involve spraying your screens with any liquid is coffee filters. The “rippled cones of blotting paper” in your coffee filters are great at removing all those irritating streaks and lint pieces from your screens. Another plus to this technique is you can use them on virtually any screen you own!

Tip # 2

Traveling into the kitchen for the next tip. What would you say if Roomity told you there was a way to clean your microwave without scrubbing out all the stuck-on food from splatter accidents? That would be awesome, right?? Well, lucky for you, we know how to do it. All you need to do is heat a bowl of lemon water for approximately five minutes, remove the bowl and wipe clean the inner walls of the appliance. Don’t believe it? Try it out and tell us what you think in the comments below!

Tip # 3

Our third tip combines the cleaning solutions of the laundry room with the dirt and grim of those stained baking pans of the kitchen. Just combine soap, warm water, and a dryer sheet in the sink with your dirty pan for approximately two hours, and you can clean off all the mess with one quick rinse once the time is up!

Tip # 4

Have a Juice or soda stain on your carpet that just will not come up? Try combining water, vinegar, and dish soap onto a white towel, blot it over the troubled area, and wait a few moments with a new rag and clean water blot to remove the stain from the area thoroughly.

Tip # 5

Our last tip in the quick tip list is for all our coffee lovers out there. One of the best ways to clean your coffee maker (which Roomity recommends you do at least once a month) is by taking some white vinegar, mixing it with water, and running that solution through the machine. Once that cycle is complete, run a water-only cycle to rid your coffee pot of the vinegar smell and ensure the filter system has a good rinse.

Then pop in a K-cup or fill it with coffee grinds, grab a mug and enjoy a fresh cup of caffeine from your freshly cleaned pot!

Well, that was our last tip for this first round of cleaning; quick tips with Roomity check back later for round two. Maybe we will venture into the laundry room and tell you some of the best ways to clean the center wheel of your washer!

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Carly Boyd
Carly Boyd
Nov 29, 2021

So Helpful!

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